The Lost Creed




ISBN-10: 0-9741900-4-7; ISBN-13: 978-0-9741900-4-4

The Lost Creed: The Creed of Pope Pius IV (2005) contains a creed or profession of faith that was composed in the 16th century, which has been largely forgotten in recent times.

One of the four authoritative creeds of the Church, the Creed of Pope Pius IV was issued in 1565 by Pope Pius IV after the Council of Trent. The major intent of this creed was to clearly define the true Faith against the heresy of Protestantism. One time used by theologians as an oath of loyalty and to reconcile converts to the Church.

This magnificent creed is such a succinct summary of our holy faith! This creed must not continue to be lost, but found! The complete text of the creed is in both Latin and English.

This 18-page softcover booklet also includes the commentary A Little-Known Treasure of the Church by James B. Spencer, which is adapted from an article that appeared in the summer 2004 issue of Una Voce America nota, the quarterly newsletter of Una Voce America.

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