Vision & Mission


Domina Nostra Publishing envisions a world where the timeless beauty of Ecclesiastical Latin and the richness of vernacular languages unite to deepen the spiritual lives of Roman Catholic Christians. As a pioneering force in the renewed interest in Latin, we strive to be the premier publisher of bilingual books, integrating Latin and the vernacular. We are committed to preserving our Catholic heritage and fostering unity in the faith through our publications.


Under the patronage of Domina Nostra, Latin for Our Lady, Domina Nostra Publishing is dedicated to serving Roman Catholic Christians worldwide through transformative publications. Guided by the unifying power of Latin, long cherished by the Church, alongside the diverse array of vernacular languages, our mission is to deepen spirituality, promote the universal call to holiness, and contribute to the new evangelization. As a universal publishing house serving the universal Church, we strive to provide invaluable resources that nourish the faithful, foster unity, and guide individuals on their spiritual journey.