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Domina Nostra Publishing is a private publisher of Roman Catholic books, specializing in producing works that contain the original Latin and the vernacular translation, in an effort to make the ancient liturgical language of the Church more accessible. 

Domina nostra is Latin for "our Lady", in honour of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Non tam præclarum
est scire Latine,
quam turpe nescire

“It is not so much excellent
to know Latin,
as it is a shame not to know it”.

(Marcus Tullius Cicero,
106 BC - 43 BC;
Brutus xxxvii, 140)

Domina Nostra


Domina Nostra




Established in the Year of Our Lord Jesus Christ 2003,
the 25th year of the Pontificate of Saint Pope John Paul II, the Great.


On 28 June 2005, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI urged Catholics throughout the world to memorize the most common Catholic prayers in Latin, to “make it easier for the Christian faithful who speak different languages to pray together, especially when they meet for special circumstances...”  

“Precisely in the multiplicity of languages and cultures, Latin, for so many centuries the vehicle and instrument of Christian culture, not only guarantees continuity with our roots but continues to be as relevant as ever for strengthening the bonds of unity of the faith in the communion of the Church” (AAS 97 [2005], pp. 826-830).

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Domina Nostra Publishing

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  Ubi Ecclesia ibi Christus,
ubi Petrus ibi Ecclesia...
  "Where Peter is, there is the Church;
and where the Church is, not death,
but eternal life reigns"
(attributed to
Saint Ambrose of Milan, c. A.D. 340-397).